What is in your heart?—Your Words Give You Away

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By James Strand

You can always tell what is in someone’s heart when problems arise and the first words out of their mouth are words of cursing and complaining.  They speak these words out of the abundance of what is in their heart, and their heart is full of darkness. They have not built up their faith in the living word of God. They have nothing to draw from their heart to get them through their circumstances and problems. When the problem arises they have no power in their words to change their circumstances. They have revealed what is in their heart by the words they speak and it is not a pretty picture.

People who curse and complain in their trials live in the world of the seen. The world of the seen is more real to them than the world of the unseen power of the word of God. If their heart was filled with the word of God, and if they understood the unseen power of God, they would have said something like this, “I am filled with the power of God. God’s word says I am an overcomer. I will overcome this problem and be triumphant because God lives in me and greater is he that lives in me than he that is in the world!”

If a person curses or complains during trials, they either do not know God or they are a Christian who is weak in faith. Too many Christians do not realize the potential they have because they do not feed their spirit with the word of God. When you heart is full of the word of God, all things become possible. Cursing and complaining becomes a waste of energy. You speak the word of God with boldness. This is a good use of your energy. Your words become powerful because you are speaking God’s word out of your mouth. God’s words are spiritual seeds that grow and change the dirt around them into growing plants that will produce fruit in its season!

When you heart is full of the word of God you can be full of joy during problems and trials. You can be full of joy and peace because you know God is on your side, and you are confident and fully persuaded all things will work out for your good because you are living a life of faith that pleases him. You know your living right and your life is always blessed by the grace and goodness of God.

Faith comes by hearing the world of God. It is not just hearing with your natural hearing that brings faith. Faith comes when you have spiritual ears to hear the word of God.  Reading books that are full of the word of God feeds the hidden man of the heart.  Your heart, your spirit is the real you. Renewing your mind with word of God by reading and thinking about the word of God will feed your spirit man. Reading, and studying the word of God will cause you knowledge and understanding of he the things of God to grow. When your knowledge and understanding of the things of God grows your faith grows. When your faith grows your ability to produce fruit grows along with it.

Jesus said he is the “bread of life.”  When you pray, “God give us our daily bread” you are asking and believing for God to meet your natural needs for bread, but there is also a deeper meaning here. “Give us our daily bread” also means you need daily manna, the daily bread of life that comes from God to give you life.

Like anything else, the more time you put into the better you will become. The more time you put into renewing your mind and feeding your spirit the stronger you will become spiritually.  Your mom says eat your vegetables because they are good for you.  God says eat my “manna” that comes from heaven it is good for you. Eat your manna every day. You need to eat the bread of life every day.

Without faith it is impossible to please God. God is pleased when your faith increases and grows. However, with increased faith comes increased responsibility. God wants you to use the faith that is growing on the inside of you to be a blessing in the lives of others. Faith comes so that you can do something with it to change the world around you one life at time. You become blessed by faith and grace and then you become a blessing to others. Faith without works is dead. Faith must be applied to situations, problems and circumstances to be alive.

You can rejoice in trials when you have faith. When you have faith you have a powerful confidence God is able to deliver and help you through your trials and temptations. You know with God all things are possible. You know that all things work together for good for you because you are called of God and are living according to his purposes. When you live and walk by faith you are an overcomer. You are not limited by what you see. You have unlimited potential of what you see within the word of God that is in your heart. Out of the abundance of your heart your mouth speaks. If you have not put the word of God in your heart, when the pressure comes whatever is in your heart comes out.

If you are not living a life faith that pleases God, you can change this. Books by Word Catcher Press can help you understand and apply the word of God in your life.  Then when trials come your way, you can say, “Praise God! I’ve got this covered. God is able to deliver me and bless me. I walk by faith and not by sight. I speak to this mountain in the name of Jesus and say, ‘Go throw yourself into the sea! God has given me the victory!’”

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